Disabled American Veterans Centennial 

DAV – Disabled American Veterans organization was founded by former Cincinnati Judge Robert S. Marx in 1920. It was originally named Disabled American Veterans of the World War.

The DAV hosted a centennial event on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 28, at the Cincinnati Music Hall with Cincinnati Pops providing spirited and patriotic music.  Between the sets of music various speakers provided insight into the DAV and for some, what it is like to be a disabled veteran.

Having worked with Special Olympics for many years I find disabled to not quite be the word to describe how people with some sort of issue truly are. A good friend has a daughter with Downs and she is anything but disabled, we see things as a different kind of normal.

I was blessed with getting a chance to meet a couple of the inspiring speakers.

Around 19 million US citizens have served, that is less than 10% of the US population. Of those that have served less than 2 million have a service-connected disability. The DAV provides service and support for America’s injured and ill veterans and their families. A job well done! Learn more @

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