Using ExOh

HI All…

Exploring Ohio is a gateway to fun in Ohio. Day trips, food, events, fair and festivals are just some of the stories of what to see and do in Ohio.

Using meta tags we will try to code each of the stories as they are posted. In doing so you can narrow down what you are looking for to do, attend, eat or see. At this point these are the tags to search for:

F – something for the entire family
A – something for the grownups
K – something for the kids
Ent – something entertaining
Ed – something educational

R1 for region 1 – Toledo area
R2 for region 2 – Cleveland area
R3 for region 3 – Central Ohio, Columbus
R4 for region 4 – Cincinnati area
R5 for region 5 – Southeast Ohio

And the months; Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

Additionally we will try to make sure there are tags for whatever the story is about; food, festival, zoo, hot air balloon, etc.

So… what this is suppose to do is allow you to do a quick search for: F R1 July festival – and all the stories about festivals in the Toledo area in July should show up.

And we are always looking for feedback to make the site better and easier for you to use. Send us your suggestions.