Ohio Gems

After a visit to the Stratford Ecological Center I realized there are going to be more than a couple of places around Ohio that most people don’t know about, including Ohioans.  So I will add a section called Ohio Gems.  Cool out of the way people, places or things in Ohio.  Stratford Ecological Center is one of them buried way off the road in Delaware County. The drive up to the center is fun all by itself.  It is a very educational place and very ‘kid’ friendly. Lots of hands on for children with a garden, animals and activities.  I will be going back to do some in-depth coverage later, but here are a couple of images to share.



Very yellow flowers, sunflowers, just outside Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Once a year as they mature in the field at Whitehall Farm the sunflowers draw people from all over to photograph them or… get a great selfie as Angelica Ross from Beavercreek, Oh and
Madi Hanson of Joshua Tree, Ca take a moment to create a captured moment.

Award winning landscape photographer Roberta Kayne from Dublin, Ohio works on captures more images as this is an annual trek to Whitehall Farm.