Central Ohio

Vintage Fun

Each year over the Labor Day weekend the Ohio Village Muffins host the Ohio Cup at the Ohio Village next to the state fair grounds.  It’s a look back into the time the of origins of base ball (yes two words back then). replete with cool looking uniforms, interesting facial hair and while you might think there would be some boisterous verbal blustering over a call at the plate, or anywhere else, the Captains discuss it with the players involved and they come to a decision.  Anything else would have been ungentlemanly!

Teams from all over the US arrive to play ball to the rules of the 1860’s, of which there were only 33 to worry about.  An interesting note to one of the rules of play, a striker (batter) would be out if the ball was caught on the first bounce.  And since there were no gloves the use of a hat or other garment was a no-no.

So pack up a picnic basket and head over to Ohio Village for some good old fashion American past time, baseball.

A tip of the hat to Andy Akers and Chip Moore of the Ohio Village Muffins for insight, updates and corrections.  Check out the above link and Ohio History Connection for additional history, information on the Ohio Cup, base ball rules and more base ball fun.

-Play Ball-

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