Not too corny

If you want to see the real American values and how people treat each other go to a county fair or festival. Real friendly people that you can approach and talk to and the food is terrific too. Thank you to Dan and the people of Clinton County, great time.

Couple more teaser pictures from today. You think you have problems putting on a timing belt, try the belt for the saw mill!  Young kids are great anywhere and if you live in tractor county you gotta start young before you test yourself on the field. Corn roasted up plus ice cream and cinnamon apples, oh and a Buckeye statement. A line up of ageless John Deere’s and the fall bouquet of mums for a great Ohio finish.

This weekend 9-9-17

In photographing people and events around the state this weekend is in Wilmington and then on to Marietta.

Clinton County Corn Festive is going on right now in Wilmington with lots of great old tractors and steam threshers.  If you have never seen a steam thresher give yourself a treat and check one out.  Basically a steam locomotive looking like a giant tractor that has a large wheel on the side that you attach a belt to and run some farm equipment off of it.  Like a sawmill.  Just check out the pictures and video when the issue for this event gets published. Right now some teasers.

Off to shoot the steamboats on the Ohio River in Marietta Sunday.  Another great Ohio event worth making a day trip to. More on it later.

Time to get around

Eventually Exploring Ohio will be a monthly photo magazine with current and archived images from around Ohio. And while we might think we know where the best of Ohio is, you as a reader will know locally what the best might be.  Keep us informed.

Dublin street festival and Upper Arlington Arts Festival are a few of the Central Ohio events annual events.  More to come from around the state.

Upper Arlington Arts Festival 2015
Upper Arlington Arts Festival 2015
1st annual Dublin Street festival
1st annual Dublin Street festival