Ohio Gems

After a visit to the Stratford Ecological Center I realized there are going to be more than a couple of places around Ohio that most people don’t know about, including Ohioans.  So I will add a section called Ohio Gems.  Cool out of the way people, places or things in Ohio.  Stratford Ecological Center is one of them buried way off the road in Delaware County. The drive up to the center is fun all by itself.  It is a very educational place and very ‘kid’ friendly. Lots of hands on for children with a garden, animals and activities.  I will be going back to do some in-depth coverage later, but here are a couple of images to share.


RenFest Ohio

Welcome to the Ohio Renaissance Festival at Harveysburg, OH 45032

What a great time and a feast for the eyes and ears.  Lots to photograph and interview so this will be just a teaser till I get back to shoot more in a couple of weeks. Enjoy… oh and yes that is a lady in the armor, rides horse, big lance,  knocks the opponent down, give her whatever she wants!

Not too corny

If you want to see the real American values and how people treat each other go to a county fair or festival. Real friendly people that you can approach and talk to and the food is terrific too. Thank you to Dan and the people of Clinton County, great time.

Couple more teaser pictures from today. You think you have problems putting on a timing belt, try the belt for the saw mill!  Young kids are great anywhere and if you live in tractor county you gotta start young before you test yourself on the field. Corn roasted up plus ice cream and cinnamon apples, oh and a Buckeye statement. A line up of ageless John Deere’s and the fall bouquet of mums for a great Ohio finish.