Hocking Hills Waterfall Fun

In Southeastern Ohio is a wonderful Ohio state park – Hocking Hills – see grid coordinates below. There are approximately 8 well know waterfalls in the Hocking Hills State Park and surrounding areas and dozens more after a good rain. The best time to visit is Spring when we have had some rain and the water is running. Everyone has a favorite they like to visit and it would be difficult to see all of them in a day or two.

39.428437, -82.546747 general area waypoint for Hocking Hills State Park
I’ve had a chance to visit 2 at opposite ends of the area.  Rockbridge State Nature Preserve is just off Rt 33 about 10 minutes north of Logan, OH. and Cedar Falls is in Hocking Hills just north of Rt 56 on SR 374 – this is the southern end of Hocking Hills.
39.41944N 82.52361W waypoint for Cedar Falls
39.575N 82.5W waypoint for Rockbridge Falls
The hike to Cedar Falls is fairly easy and a little steep in some areas. The falls area is great, open, places to sit and get lost in the sound of the waterfall. There are hikes from there to Ash Cave south and Old Man’s Cave north.
Rockbridge on the other hand is a HIKE! It is a mile and 3/4 loop to the rock bridge and back and it is very steep in some areas, lots of tree roots to navigate and a bit slippery after a good rain. I would say it’s not a hike for someone with knee or hip problems. Also it’s not for the faint of heart or afraid of heights. That said it was a great hike for me, my Fitbit clocked about 10,000 steps and over 65 floors – 2/3’s of a high-rise in NYC! You will get your heart rate up…
Rockbridge is very unique for Ohio. It is the longest natural rock bridge in Ohio out of 12 in the state. 100 feet long, 10 to 20 feet wide and approximately 3 foot thick, plus it arches 50 feet across a ravine. This is where the faint of heart and height issue comes in. There are NO hand rails over the rock bridge! Don’t slip. But as I said earlier, it’s a fun walk and great sights along the way. I read someone’s comment about seeing 20 different kinds of birds in the area. Lastly the walk to and from the hills is nice.
Here are some links to use if you are making the trip and check out my pictures below. Great link on area waterfalls –  maps link  –  ODNR link


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